Produced in 2015

On tour 19/20



In an essential way the renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci represents the atithesis to the flickering world of today. First and foremost he was slow, thoughtful and patiently seeking and searching for truthfulness, realness and knowledge. With the performance LEONARDO, Asterions Hus perforates the skin of the universal genius and captures his essence par excellence in a physical, visual and sensuous performance. Join a picturesque journey into da Vincis universe and let yourself be inspired by his principals of thinking in totalities, experimenting, observing cooly and preserving curiosity. 

LEONARDO is a physical, sensousous and exploring performance, where the audience literally enters the renaissance man, the artist and scientist, Leonardo da Vinci's universe. The performance takes shape as an installation, a research lab of art, where the life work of da Vinci is vitalised through classic light projections, associative scenic and rhythmic images, anatomic dance, mathematik poetry and holistic curiosity and the audience is invited to interactively participate in the universe. The performance revolves around the works of da Vinci – his notes, thoughts and sketches. It is not as much a biography, more as it is a sensuous journey into a world of unfinished as well and exhibited appetite of life.




Excellent dance performance about Leonardo da Vinci at Teater Asterions Hus. They perform a wonderful piece about Leonardo da Vinci – wild and surprising. For those, who wish to understand Leonardo da Vinci and his remarkable thoughts and virtuous, the performance is of immense significance. 


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Asterions Hus presents a super sensuous and beautifully imaginative mediating performance with LEONAARDO.


Kirk and Knudsen manage to create an ambiguous and profound understanding of the fascinating renaissance man through their aesthetic exploration. A man who was both..and. Not only art, not only science, but both and in unison. 

TEATER 1Anne Liisberg

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Review: LEONARDO by Asterions Hus at Teaterøen


We are entering a magical world in the new performance ”Leonardo” by Asterions Hus, that is based upon Leonardo da Vinci's scientific discoveries. 

... We are though the performance's freely imaginative and virtuous visual style given the opportunity to acquire some of the enthusiasm, that must have driven the protagonist from discovery to discovery, from detail to detail, from sketch to painting. In a brief moment the civilisation feels peeled off.

Ørkendrømme, Michael Svennevig

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In the shadow of Leonardo


Leonardo is an aesthetically beautiful performance. All senses are in play and the troup's scenographic solutions are magnificent. When we are clapping at the end of the show we are left with a feeling of having seen two people who have really grown with this production. They even write in programme: "Willing hands make light work" - and it shows.

Impressive performance!

Thank you!



Leonardos art becomes sensuous ****

Asterions Hus is a theatre one should experience!

KULTURKONGEN, Nikolaj Bomberg Simonsen



It is definitely an experience when you are able to enter the person you are portraying. This was a performance that affected my body and thoughts.

KULTURKONGEN, Azadeh Ghavamrad


Fine fine




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