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Produced in 2013

For sale for tour 2019/2020

In Danish

Another ferocious tale for the littlest ones from Asterions Hus. The magnificent tale of Jason enlightens and involves the children by breaking down the borders between fantasy and reality. Left is the art of telling a great story with only few means. 

Jason is among the greatest of the Greek heroes. The participation of the children stand as the greatest scenography to enliven his remarkable journey. The children are co-creaters in the telling of how Jason found the Golden Fleece in Ares' holy grove, how he sowed dragons teeth to use them to fight and how his death was predicted! 

For the 3-8 year olds and their adults

Duration: 35 min

Prices ex VAT:

4800 DKK for 40 aud.

5800 DKK for 60 aud.

7040 DKK for 80 aud.

Reimbursement approved.

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