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Dancing in stone

RODIN – Dancing in stone

RODIN is a dance performance produced by Teater Asterions Hus. It is a sensual and expressive journey into the universe of master sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). From body to marble. From flesh to stone.


The sculptor Auguste Rodin used the famous dancer Isadora Duncan as a model. While she was dancing in front of him, he was deeply concentrated on transforming her movements, details of her body, the light and the shadow, the physical expression and the emotion into his world renown sensuous sculptures.

We have been inspired by Rodin’s artistic process in creating this performance. With RODIN, a dance performance, we are trying to get a grasp of what Rodin saw, when he observed the human body. We meet the perfection and the imperfection at the same time. We approach the magic meeting between Rodin and his models, and as a viewer we get an impression of the unique connection between the two.

We investigate some of Auguste Rodin’s world-famous works as ‘The Thinker’ and ‘The Kiss’ and we meet the perfection and the imperfect at the same time.

One stage are two dancers, Tilde Knudsen and Liv Mikaela Sanz, and a photographer, Ingrid Bugge – and through the latters linse, we get very close to discover Rodin’s creational process.


An international perspective


Since 2003 Asterions Hus has been touring in Denmark and around the world, performing for adults, children and young people.We are particularly known for our physical and experimental interpretations of classical tales like ‘The Illiad’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. In recent years we have developed a strong international network. Between 2013-20167 we participated in the EU-funded trans-European project ‘Meeting the Odyssey’ which has toured all over Europe. Several of our performances are performed in English and some in German, Portuguese, Italian and French.


RODIN is primarily a non-verbal performance and it is already suitable for international adaptations and touring. Participating in the international program at CPH STAGE 2019 would be an important opportunity to continue developing the network we have already established among theatre groups, venues and festivals around the world. To be a part of the international program and to gain access to the festival's major international network would indeed be a suitable strategic expansion of our international profile.   

Excerpts from reviews:

"Teater Asterions Hus has found a niche, where where they with bitter consequenses create astounding, image abundant and from time to time seducing interpretations of an artist's character and life work."


Four stars from Gregers Dircking-Holmfeldt

‘Picturesque dance portrait of Rodin's mastering of white marble"


Four stars from Casper Koeller

‘I am caught up in the movements of the two women, their interactions and the way they play with the shapes and expressions of the figures." 

Trine Berg Palle,  Den4Væg

‘We are absorbed in various expressions. The body, the movement, the light, the sound and the space are interlaced in visual images that are powerful, suprising and beautiful."

’ Lis Engel,  Kunstavisen.

‘Klaus Risager's music is eminent the the examination, in which the performance is."

Michael Svennevig

‘The two dancers are excellent and the choreography uses their bodies, often naked, to a streak of organic erotic intertwined positions."

Henrik Lyding Jyllandsposten


"The RODIN performance is a powerful bombardement of bodies, dance sand sensuous manifestation." 

Morten Ranum

"I am thrilled by the portraying of the body as a sculpture. The dancers were sensuously beautiful in every move." 

Susie Claudia   


Five stars from Susie Claudia, Kulturkongen








Dancers: Liv Mikaela Sanz and Tilde Knudsen

Photographer: Ingrid Bugge

Music: Klaus Risager

Choreographic consultants: Lotte Sigh and Stefanos Bizas

Director: Peter Kirk


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