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The terrible tale about the Head of Medusa

Produced in 2009

For sale for tour in 2019/2020

In Danish

The two full-grown men, who nobly begin to tell the audience the story of the the Greek hero, Perseus, get caught up themselves by the adventurous tale and eventually have to play alle the parts themselves.

It turns into a ferocious tale about the vile snake-headed Medusa, about the mighty god Zeus, about the terrible sea monster, the magical powers of Hermes winged shoes, the fantastic hero and the beautiful chained princess.

Perfect for the 3 - 8 year olds.

Suitable outdoors and indoors.

Prices ex. VAT:

4800 DKK for 40 aud.

5800 DKK for 60 aud.

7040 DKK for 80 aud.

Reimbursement approved.

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