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The Myth of Minotauros

Produced in 2011

Possible for restaging

Currently not for sale

In Danish

"Myten om Minotauros" (The Myth of Minotauros) is a mysterious and animalistic myth about the terrifying Minotaros, who as half bull half man is destined to eternal captivity in the labyrinth on Crete. It is the tale of his Queen mother, who unhappily baptises him Asterion as she sees stars in his dark eyes. It is about the victims of tender age, who are transported from Athens by boat every ninth year only to be sent into the labyrinth to the hungry beast. It is the myth about the young Theseus, who captivates Ariadne, the human half sister of Asterion, and recieves a ball of yarn from her and salvages him from the labyrinth of death.

Said differently – 'Asterions Hus' is a fascinating performance, steaming with poetry and animalistic urges. The style is visual, playful, expressive – at times noisy. A fusion of beautiful and powerful movements, long and thought provoking monologues, evanescent and intimate walk-throughs and dance.

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