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My Room 

A performative self-portrait

Produced in 2014
still touring 

Powerful performative self-portrait by and with Tilde Knudsen. A physical and poetic theatre performance. Dancer and actress Tilde Knudsen has been driven by a relentless desire to explore the world with her body and soul her entire life. How many breaths makes out a white line? Is it Rachmaninov or Led Zeppelin that tickles in the elbow?

Tilde dances with shadows, hides in light, remembers, forgets, dissolves, assembles, and acknowledges with her body and mind. Mit Rum (My Room) is a unique possibility to enter the life, work and soul of an artist.

Performing for adults and another version for children from ten years.

Have been touring in Egypt, Italy, Brazil, Russia, France & Denmark



Performer og idé: Tilde Knudsen

Director: Peter Kirk

Consulents:  Emil Hansen, Jakob Stage, Caroline McSweeney


Mit Rum teaser

Mit Rum teaser

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"The solo is a strong experience of a liberated woman with full power"

Anne Middelboe , Information


"Tilde Knudsen is a personality with a great imagination and ability to live into the adventure of her life. She is not afraid to touch us physically, mentally and emotionally "


Anneli Olesen Terpisichore

"Tilde Knudsen is the female sputnik of danish theatre"


Kirsten Dahl  Teateravisen


"For the body is the instrument in Tilde Knudsen's solo performance, which she performs most masterfully. But the most surprising is that by entering your own room, people often go directly into others too. Especially when it is done with such great skill and sincere insistence as is the case in "My Room"

Michael Svennevig Ørkendrømme


"An unbelievably and captivating theatre performance in Asterion's Hus on Teaterøen.

"My Room" is a kind of artistic self-portrait theatre, where Tilde Knudsen with memory, sensuality, temperament, fragility, wickedness, agility and dancing, moving joy brings us through parts of her life."

Jane Lytthans Christianshavneren


"What's happening in the front of the audience is so wonderfully vulnerable

because Tilde shows her directness of life with its beauty and peculiarity "




"You get pulled into her exciting and captivating universe ... .- Such a room must be experienced!"

* * * * *


"I highly recommend this theatre experience. We are dealing with one particular kind of sort! "

* * * * *


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