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Produced in 2017
For sale for tour in 21/22
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’My Odyssey’ – An Odyssey. Through Europe.


A story and a dance about Europe in transition. The performance is based on the experiences from a pan-European theatre project that involved artists and performers from several European countries, who travelled from St Petersburg to Lesbos, meeting the Europeans on an artistic journey in search of many recognitions – among other things community and the European soul.


‘My Odyssey’ is Tilde Knudsen’s personal testimony from this trip. Her interpretation of the people and the events, she experienced through this journey.
It is a tale about the European motion. The personal interpretation of the current events in Europe, a continent that is undergoing major changes. The meeting between North and South, them and us. Hope and change. Crisis and confusion. Love and expectations.


Through ‘My Odyssey’ Tilde Knudsen also performs the famous epic poem, the Odyssey, attributed to the great Greek writer Homer. Tildes story and Homers story are woven together in a magic pattern.

‘My Odyssey’ is a physical performance. A simple and very intense performance – with few theatrical tools and great intensity. It can be played anywhere.


On top of that, an amateur researcher from Italy has the theory that Homer is actually Nordic and the stories took place up here in the north, so Troy was in Finland and Odysseus lived on Lyø, and in reality is pre-Danish.

A solo performance created by and featuring Tilde Knudsen.


The performance is very simple in its set-up and does not require blackout. Preferably played in a beautiful room, as there is no other scenography than a circle of chairs where the audience sits, a clock and a glass of water.

The performance is also suitable for playing outdoors, preferably in an area where there is not too much noise.


Stage space 5 meters in diameter where the audience sits in a circle around



80 audience: 7040 DKK, -

120 spectators: 8000 DKK, -

Eligible for reimbursement

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Idea and concept: Tilde Knudsen

Performer: Tilde Knudsen

Instructor: Peter Kirk

Inspiration from Homer, Felice Vinci, Meeting the Odyssey and many thanks to everyone I met on the journey through Europe.





"My Odyssey" is the story of finding oneself, of taking up residence in oneself. About homelessness and longing. About traveling through a modern Europe, where the drowned men of myth become the drowned refugee children of today. Odysseus is inside all of us, and it is Tilde's merit that it becomes the consciousness that we take home. ”

Michael Svennevig, Desert Dreams


Tilde Knudsen is a keen observer. Without in any way being unsympathetic, she manages to give a vivid impression of a chaos that unfolds on many levels

Randi K Teateravisen


Right from the start, Tilde Knudsen excels as a fantastically present and painterly storyteller. She is a bodily actress and with sound effects, voice, dialects and body language she really creates the universe of history.

Anne Louise Castle Thorborg, The 4th Wall


The audience involvement was taught perfectly and you felt as part of the story as if you had been on the journey. Impressive acting, where the physical manifestations gave the story a solid kick in the back.

Definitely recommendable.

Benedikte Mikkelsen, Kulturkongen


A great experience and an unforgettable confrontation.

Jesper Bardrum, Kulturkongen


Tilde Knudsen delivers a magnificent performance as an actress and dancer in the performance "My Odyssey"


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