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The Iliad

Produced in 2004

On tour 19/20

The myth about Troy was originally written by the ancient Greek poet, Homer.

The myth is in a delicate way unraveled and told by three physical actors in a blazing pace. With a gallery of more than 30 characters – sweet maidens, brilliant heroes, proud kings, skinny priests and a series of gods and goddesses – the actors threw themselves into the impossible task to tell this epic masterpiece in one single hour.

The Iliad is a physical and mythical, amusing and elegant performance – it will take your breath!

Homers The Iliad is about the war in Troja, about Prince Paris and the beautiful Helena – a mighty and cruel war about something so fleeting as beauty. The Iliad is about this war and about the hero Achilleus’ raving and indomitable anger.

– from Tromsø to Turkey. From Canada to Cyprus, Edingburgh and Esbjerg to Southkorea and Sardinia. From Finland, Friesland, Flensburg, Fredericia, Graz and Glasgow...... in Danish, German, English and Italian. A classic from Asterions Hus.


REVIEWS (Translated from Danish)

"The title ’The Iliad’ is terrifying initself, as it awakens boring memories from Homer in classical studies (Oldtidskundskab) in High Schhol. The actors manage to awaken the myth of Troy through a fascinating performance with a humoristic and physical approach. It has been ages sinde I have been this impressed by a tale, as I was by this.. All in all I am left impressed by this production of 'The Iliad' – which is why it is rewarded 6 'drops of blood'." 


"Peace actually occurred on Refshaleøen. Far out by Lynetten, where Teater Asterions Hus has settled among wild flowers and fancy house boats. This was the location where the Greek tradegy 'The Iliad' was recreated. No scenery, no music. Only three bodies transforming the fierce tale of gods and heroes in eternal dissension. Martin Ammundsen was a horny Achilleus and Tilde Knudsen was a wonderful, acrobatic Helena, whilst Peter Kirk acted out the hippie version of the sea goddess Thetis. Top-energetic, physical theatre with stilistic battlescenes in slow motion. No nausea."

Anne Middelboe Information

"At one moment the actors are gods, the next goddesses. They thrive, desire, fall in love and are frightened continuously. The gender changes are striking, but certainly convincing, as the three actors know their skills, are fit and clever with well-trained vocal chords. The ferocious fights are played out with acrobatics and mimics in Hollywood class. Even the oral sound effects, when the blades cross and the armours tear are in order. The shifts of scenes are elegantly carried out by the actors themselves, who manage the pre-programmed lighting by one press on an orange air mattress pump in the middle of the stage."

Ringsted folkeblad


”Nutty, raving mad and absolutely wonderful and liberating entertainment. No doubt the percentage of absence would be zero, if Asterions Hus managed the History classes at the Danish high schools. At the risk of students and teachers dying of laughter instead of boredom."

-S. Andreasen, Kalundborg Lokalblad

”Olympic performance by Danish trio” 

– Moon Saris, TheaterCentraal, Holland

”Particularly entertaining, beautifully timed and modern way of telling an ancient story”

– M. Nørregaard, Bornholms Tidende

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