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Produced in 2013
Touring Nationally and internationally
Romeo&Juliet! have been touring in many countries in several Languages.
From Brasil to Egypt, Greenland to Croatia,
Portuguese German & English

Asterions Hus has taken on Shakespeare and the greatest love story ever told and created a touching, fast-paced and humorous performance. 24 scenes, 24 life grips, 24 detours and 24 celebrations to the many expressions and endings.

In our hands the magnificent Shakespearian unfolds into worms dancing, sumo wrestlers in love, a choir of gardeners and tender ballet in wheelbarrows. Never has there ever come so much life out of playing dead!

Can be performed in English, German and Portuguese.

The performance is produced to perform outdoors, preferably in a park-like place on a lawn. However, we are flexible and can play in various settings – indoor too. Call or e-mail to know more about the options.

Age: 12 years and up



Martin Ammundsen/Peter Kirk

Tilde Knudsen


Emil Hansen and Peter Kirk




”The production is a summary of the unconditional, wonderful first love, that unfolds an expressive physical power, direct humor and tender romance”


Randi K Pedersen, Teateravisen

”In a fast-paced tempo they play with emotions, love and death in a captivating and spell-binding way” 



”Very inventive, very fast-paced, very funny and very clever.” 


“A vital dance universe filled with sweat, soil and raw energy. Every time in a new and surprising way. Ungraceful the brutal way. Every muscle is tightened to fullest in the two dancers impressive movements. The performance is at its strongest when it lifts itself to a well-choreographed and powerful wordless world class dance performance.” 


“Tilde Knudsen and Martin Ammundsen play the ung lovers in Peter Kirk and Emil Hansen's supervital, wonderfully acrobatic and surprising production. There are speed summaries, stormy infatuations, a heavy load of acrobatics and Sergej Prokofjev-music, when Asterions Hus action-packed and youth-focuseed let the old, eternally relevant classic run free in Musikhusparken.”  

Århus stifttidende

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