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In the shadow of Leonardo 


Four stars

 Simon Thomsen

"Leonardo is an aesthetically beautiful performance. All senses are stimulated and the troup's scenographic solutions are exceptional. When we clap and the performance has reached it's end, we are taken aback with a feeling of having seen two people having really learnt something from this performance. As they write in the programme: "Willing hands make light work" and they both beam hereof. Impressive performance. Thank you"

Leonardo's art becomes sensous


Four stars

Nikolaj Bomberg Simonsen

"Asterions Hus is a theatre one should experience!

Levely atmosphere right from the beginning.

A cool concept, the theatre bus that drives from Christianshavns St. to Teaterøen. The bus ride is an experience in itself – a Leonardo version of the night bus from Harry Potter. The performance is involving and sensuous from the very beginning."Come and take a look around" Leonardo himself utters. Here we are aloud to look around the stage which too is a changing exhibition with old projectors and Leonardo's pieces of art – static as well as alive.

The art pieces are enlivened and illustrated by Tilde Knudsen, an enlivened painting. The body, anatomic dance and a captivating wordless expression, creates an image of the mind of Leonardo and the life as an artist, architect and engineer Leonardo da Vinci. A supplementing soundtrack lets the imagination play along during the entire performance. If you don't want to miss out on a sensuous theatrical experience definitely focusing on all of us as humans and our art, you should experience Leonardo by Asterions Hus.



Four stars

Azadeh Ghavamrad

"It is definitely an experience when you can enter the person you are portraying. It was a performance that affected my body and was mesmerising."


Nice nice


Five stars 

Karina Jensen

"Very good"

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