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Our residence and home. Where we live, reherearse and play most of our performances – when we're not touring nationally and globally.


The former Magleby Centralskole on Eastern Møn has gone through a transformation from being an old school to becoming a theatre and a cultural center in the middle of the beautiful nature surroundings by Møns Klint, Høje Møn with a view over the entire south coast of the island. 


MACBETH  FEB 14 & 15,  at 19.30 

TEATER TAPAS  MAR 15, at 16.00 - 19.00 Cancelled

ALICE IN WONDERLAND  MAY 2 & 3, at 15.00

Replaced by a livestreamed premiere at Asterions Hus' Facebook page

ROMEO&JULIE! JUN 13, at 17.00

Further information at WWW.TEATERMOEN.COM


New theatre and cultural center opening on the eastern side of Møn

Oct 5th we had a splendid opening of the theatre. Since then we have started the establishment of two amphiscenes; Bøgescenen and Birkescenen and we are looking forward to welcome all with a calvados in the fruit grove.  

Klassens Time at 19.30. Thursday November 28. 

Return to your childhood school days. The former Magleby School is awakened as the scene for anecdotes about school life. Whether you have had your daily classes here or elsewhere, we all have memories of our primary school days. The whispery conversations in the corners, playing in the school yard, the favourite teacher or that teacher you were afraid of. The secret crushes, detentions, the popular boy, the friendship books, fights and cramming.

We at Teater Møn stage the setting and bring our own school memories, elements and suprises. Contact us by e-mail if you would like to contribute with an anecdote. But otherwise we will take things as they come.


The former Magleby Centralskole on Eastern Møn is going through a transformation from being an old school to becoming a theatre and a cultural center in the middle of the beautiful nature surroundings by Møns Klint, Høje Møn with a view over the entire south coast of the island. 


The gym has been painted black to be used as a black-box theatre. The woodwork room has been newly restored with mirrored walls to be a beautiful dance hall. The spacious classrooms with high ceilings are ideal for workshops and seminars. There are rooms, dining hall, school kitchen, space for the outdoor amphitheatre and overall space and utter space. We are now ready to open the doors to all kinds of activities!


Teater Møn is thought to be a place for public performances and events for residents of Møn and visitors. It is intended to be a refuge and retreat for artists and everyone with a project in need of immersion and peace. We think of it as a place for performances, concerts, workshops, camps, dinners and life events. It is a place where time stands still and in between – the private home of Tilde, Peter and family.


Throughout the past 6 years we have created Teaterøen at the top of Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. A place, we continuously will run and develop. We are the founders of theatre Asterions Hus, which through the past 15 years has toured nationally and internationally with performances in- and outdoors. Amongst others performances we participated in this years Waves Festival in Vordinborg with Romeo&Julie!

Asterions Hus has played many times for the local theatre union Bøgestrømmen and will play in Vordingborg again on October 23, with our version of Macbeth. Even though we are new to Møn, we already feel at home.

Now we announce this opening to mark; we are here! Teater Møn is a reality! We hope, you all will join us to celebrate and if you cannot make it, you are most welcome another time!

From 17.00-19.00 there will be a fluent opening with bubbles, speeches and tours of the place. We hope to reveal a new logo for Teater Møn. At 19.00 we perform Mit Rum, which is a dramatic self-portrait with a special tough of Magleby Skole in honour of the opening. 

At 20.00 there will be served food and afterwards an open stage, music and bar.

Everyone is welcome!: Friends, colleagues, neighbours and curious folks coming from far and wide. It is posible to stay the night – let us know if there is anything you need.


And then: If you feel like contributing with a performance of any kind for the open stage in the dining hall, you are most welcome!

The adresss is Klintholm Havnevej 52, Borre. Please let us know if you are coming at:

Cheers from

Peter & Tilde

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