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Asterions Hus.
A mix of physical theatre, dance, 

We have existed as a theater since 2003 and are based both at Teater Møn and Teaterøen in Copenhagen


Our artistic project is in constant development, and we are driven by curiosity and the urge to explore the unknown.

Asterions Hus are particularly known for our very physical and experimental interpretations of classics. We go our own way with Homer's Iliad, Shakespeare's Romeo&Juliet and Macbeth, and our performances are a mixture of the encounter with the great narrative and our personal interpretation. We love pathos as much as humor. We love delicate patina and raw poetry.


Over the years, we have developed our own unique, expressive expression that is based on appetite, joy and the paradoxes of life. We irrepressibly seek to make the play balance right on the edge between the grotesque and the realistic, the confused and the accessible, the comic and the tragic. The performances neither teach nor explain – rather they confuse, 


We tour with great pleasure throughout Denmark and also in the rest of the world. In recent years we have had the pleasure of being in Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Egypt, Holland, France, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Greece, Scotland, England, Liechtenstein, Croatia and Austria.

Throughout the years since 2005, Asterions House has received grants from the Danish Arts Foundation, a number of private foundations and the EU.

Welcome to Asterion's House,

Artistic director Tilde Knudsen


Peter: tlf: +45 26181432, Tilde : +45 22921332

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